Oysters & Bretton Cider

Posted on 14th December 2015

This Weekend DVS will be travelling to Rennes, a favourite city of ours to play in. We have a great number of friends we didn’t see for a year, especially Popo, Marine & Abdul. Last weekend was the first gig for Mark & Joe, they performed well & after one more rehearsal we have polished up a little more.

Due to Klunky’s recent health scare, he has been advised to take a brake from live shows.

Gigs coming up

Posted on 29th November 2015

We can’t add the gigs yet to our gig page, so I’m gonna do it here for now.

AND, before the Rennes gig, your first chance to catch some Crazy Rock’n’Roll with the brand new Death Valley Surfer’s lineup. Some other damn good bands on the card too and all for ¬£6 at one of London’s few remaining historic alternative music venues.LC.04.12.15
Friday 4th December. DVS on

Hello world!

Posted on 7th September 2015

Here at D.V.S HQ we have had a load of technical hitches with our new Web Site & new server. Followed by our domain name being suspended for a time. However we are back in the game & have so much to talk about. First I’m gonna re-post the few¬†stories we had earlier this year & then move onto the hot gossip. Stay Tuned Psychos & Zombies