Oysters & Bretton Cider

This Weekend DVS will be travelling to Rennes, a favourite city of ours to play in. We have a great number of friends we didn’t see for a year, especially Popo, Marine & Abdul. Last weekend was the first gig for Mark & Joe, they performed well & after one more rehearsal we have polished up a little more.

Due to Klunky’s recent health scare, he has been advised to take a brake from live shows. Very disappointing for all, as The Coffin Nails are a great band live & we were all looking forward to playing with them again. DVS wish him well to a full recovery & hope to see him strut his stuff on stage again soon.
However not is all lost. The Spunny Boys from France are headlining the show. They are a young Teddy Boy band & have a great stage show full of energy. Fantastic Musicians & will certainly entertain.
The Great thing for us is that DVS will be meeting up with Eddie, The Spunny Boys guitarist. He played for DVS 7 times in 2008-9. He was only 17 when he was in the band & was fantastic then. Russ Surfer saw them at The Bethune Rockin festival 2 years ago & was mightily impressed.

So we are all looking forward to a great weekend in Brittany. John & Mark have also made direction for the tour bus to stop in Dinard. The Oyster capital of the world…….. Chilled Rosé will also be flowing.