DVS cancel Psychobilly Kicks Back gig

Due to unforeseen circumstance DVS are unable to play Gingers Cancer charity gig on 1st February at The Fiddlers Elbow.
We are all disappointed especially as we wanted to support this worthy cause.

We love what Ginger does & was happy to be asked to play. However a situation arrose which made our preparation impossible.

Hope to see you all later in 2020

Merchandise Page

Yes, we know our Merchandise page is a little limited & we keep saying we are going to update it soon. Thank you for all inquires about our stuff, we have to admit to being as bit behind times.

We have now decided to think about doing a make over of the page. So once again, we can tell you that we will update it soon. It is on our list of jobs to do. Sorry we cant be more precise than that. However we will endeavour to pull our finger out.

The Challenge

DVS are a hard working, in demand band with much planned. In the pipeline are tours to France, Switzerland and Italy with summer festival bookings in Estonia, London and France confirmed.

We need a Rock’n’Roll drummer and guitarist who understand commitment and reliability but also join in the party. If you feel you’re up to being in the band once described as ‘Bo Diddly on speed riding a surf board’ contact via our FB page or through the legendary London producer Byron T Firefly.

No News

Well, there is always news, however here at DVS we have been beavering away with other stuff.

Loads of offers for festivals have come. Reluctantly we have had to decline them, due to work commitments & the fact that we are still looking for a permanent drummer.

We have had a couple of trials without much success. So if your up to the task or you know someone who wants to be a Rock’n’Roll Super Star, drop us a line.

DVS in Camden 24th May

DVS have been invited back to play at Lounge 666 in Camden Town.

It is for the venues 3rd Year party. The Club has many different events, mostly metal & alternative styles & has put on some Rockin’ gigs too. (Reminds us of The Other Club & The Mud Club)

DVS will be on stage at 11.15, it’s a Friday night so come let your hair down.

The Zipheads are playing the same night at The Black Heart in Camden, but earlier. They will finish at 11pm. So that gives you time to down ya pint & nip across the road. If you have a Black Heart entrance stamp or can prove you have been to that show, then the entrance at The Lounge 666 will be £7.

Permanent Drummer needed for DVS.

Death Valley Surfers are looking for a good reliable drummer that can beat out the DVS Rhythm. The Shuffle Beat is essential  & the ability to play Bo Diddley patterns. They will have to step into the space left by Karl Väster. As it was our 20th year we had Karl came over from Estonia these March shows. A big thank you to him.

There are gigs & a Big Festival lined up this summer.

If your interested contact us with an email to russ_surfer@ Yahoo. com or via the Face Book page.

I want to be a DVS Drummer


16 March concert

Come see DVS for Free @

Bar 58 Acklam Village Market., W10 5TY.

DVS will be on stage @ 4pm & 6 pm. So you can get a double dose from the Surfers. There is a Fullers Bar & lots of food stalls to peruse   in between seeing Russ & the gang strut their stuff.


Merchandise Page

We had to adjust our prices due to Paypal charges, we hope to look for cheaper solutions soon.

Also, we had to change our prices to reflect postage & packaging costs.

This was due to a glitch in our system which turned off the P&P.

So the price you see is the total price you will pay. Some lucky chap got our cd on the cheap.

Happy Days, hope you enjoy it.

UK postage only.

If your outside of UK then please order from our good friends at

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