DVS in Camden 24th May

DVS have been invited back to play at Lounge 666 in Camden Town.

It is for the venues 3rd Year party. The Club has many different events, mostly metal & alternative styles & has put on some Rockin’ gigs too. (Reminds us of The Other Club & The Mud Club)

DVS will be on stage at 11.15, it’s a Friday night so come let your hair down.

The Zipheads are playing the same night at The Black Heart in Camden, but earlier. They will finish at 11pm. So that gives you time to down ya pint & nip across the road. If you have a Black Heart entrance stamp or can prove you have been to that show, then the entrance at The Lounge 666 will be £7.

Permanent Drummer needed for DVS.

Death Valley Surfers are looking for a good reliable drummer that can beat out the DVS Rhythm. The Shuffle Beat is essential  & the ability to play Bo Diddley patterns. They will have to step into the space left by Karl Väster. As it was our 20th year we had Karl came over from Estonia these March shows. A big thank you to him.

There are gigs & a Big Festival lined up this summer.

If your interested contact us with an email to russ_surfer@ Yahoo. com or via the Face Book page.

I want to be a DVS Drummer


16 March concert

Come see DVS for Free @

Bar 58 Acklam Village Market., W10 5TY.

DVS will be on stage @ 4pm & 6 pm. So you can get a double dose from the Surfers. There is a Fullers Bar & lots of food stalls to peruse   in between seeing Russ & the gang strut their stuff.


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Drunkabilly Records ~ Belgium

Live shows in March

We have a few dates coming up:

Thursday 14 March: The Lounge, Camden (night club Kolis).

Friday 15 March: Exit Inside, Lokeren, Belgium.

Sunday 17 March: Bedlam Breakout, Northampton. (afternoon show)………. See how excited Karl Väster is about playing for DVS again.

We Win Again. Released on CD

Punkabilly Records can announce that ‘We Win Again’ will be released on cd with bonus track.
Jonny Rambo (Dix Mix)
Its an old live favourite song, re-worked into the Dix Mix Style.

Included is an 8 page booklet with art work by the wonderful Miriam Brtka.

Release date : 13 March 2019
Format: CD
Label: Punkabilly Records
Cat No: DVSCD 007